Classes Offered


Combination of  Rhythm Works program, Tumbling, and Tap. (age 3-5)


Beginning, intermediate, and advanced levels (age 5+), including Pointe (age 12+).


Beginning, intermediate, and advanced levels (age 5+).


Worship based, contemporary ballet and jazz style (age 11+). (Ballet class required)

Rhythm Works

Hip hop based movement and rhythm class Beg./Int. (age7+) and  Adv. (age 12+ (by placement))

Hip Hop: Int. /Adv. level (age 14+


45 Minute Class

$30/month for one class: Pre-dance, RW, Boy’s Tap

$45/month for two classes: RW & Boy’s Tap

$50/month 2 classes (1class/45min. & 1class/1 hr.): Combo class & RW

1 Hour Class

$40/month for one class

(Combo class, Tap 5, Tap 6)

$55/month for two classes

1 1/2 Hour Class (Ballet II & III)

$50/month for one class

(Ballet II and III)

$70/month (Ballet II & Tap 4 )

Classes running 1 day: (once/week) per student

45 Minute Class

$55/month for one class*: Tap 3 or Tap 4

$65/month for two classes*: Ballet IA or Ballet II & Tap 3

($55/month 2 classes (1/45min. & 1/1 hr.)*: Ballet IA

1 Hour Class

$60/month for one class*: Ballet IB

 $75/month 2 classes (1class/45min. & 1class/1 hr.) *: Ballet IB & Tap 3 or Tap 4

Classes running 2 days: (twice/week) per student

*Any additional once/week classes added to a twice/week or combo class (including Ballet II or III) = $10 each/month (RW and Lyrical)

Family Discounts


10% off (monthly bill) for 2 students

15% off (monthly bill) for 3 students

20% off (monthly bill) for 4+ students

Registration Fees

Registration fee is $10 and Costume deposit is $25 per class (both due at registration).

Tuition is due the 1st class of every month

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Dress Code


Pink ballet shoes (no PJ slippers) (split soles for ages 10+ up)

Girls in Ballet II and Ballet III are required to wear canvas shoes.


will be determined by teacher


Black tap shoes

Students in Tap 4, Tap 5, or Tap 6 need Bloch or Capezio brand shoes


Pink ballet

Lyrical II also need half sole lyrical shoes


Black Tap Shoes and Pink Ballet for girls (no PJ slippers)

Hip Hop and Rhythm Works

Clean, non-scuff tennis shoes (may not be worn outside)



Leotard and tights (skirts/shorts optional)


Girls age 10+up Ballet

Black leotard and pink tights.



T-shirt and sweat pants/shorts


Must be pulled back in bun, with no fly aways!!! Short hair must be pulled back!! (and bangs too, if in the eyes)

Pre-dance can wear ponytail/pigtails for tumbling purposes.

NO JEWLERY (with the exception of stud earrings!)


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2018-2019 Schedule

Start Date: Tuesday September 18, 2018

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(734) 478-7102

*Photo credits: Susan Joy Photography